• Vegan Artichoke “Crab” Cakes

    June 28, 2018thecrispymama

    Crab cakes. Ohhh crab cakes. All of that delicious craby goodness, without the pain of actually peeling crabs. But let me back up for a second. One question that I get fairly often… “If you’re a vegan, why would you even want something that tastes the same as meat/seafood/dairy/whatever.” The answer is simple. I l…

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  • Summer Orzo Pasta Salad

    May 28, 2018thecrispymama

    Ahh pasta salad. My ultimate go-to broke college kid meal. A package of noodles, some Italian salad dressing, cheese, some shrimp or chicken was considered gourmet back in those days. These days, cutting out animal products and heavily processed foods means that I’ve had to come up with a totally new way to get my…

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  • Vegan Southwestern Chickpea Frittata

    May 20, 2018thecrispymama

      Eggs were probably my biggest breakfast staple before going plant based. They were quick, easy, and versatile. After adopting a plant based vegan diet, I found myself missing a quick and easy savory breakfast option. I tried the ever-popular vegan tofu scramble and wasn’t a fan. Honestly, I found it bland, boring, with a…

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  • Three Bean Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili

    February 16, 2017thecrispymama

    I have a borderline obsession with “spoon foods.” Soups, stews, chilis; if you eat it with a spoon, you can bet I want some. Since having Liam, not only am I trying to lose a few extra pounds, but funds have been a bit tighter than usual. The easiest way to remedy both of those…

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