HelloFresh: The Good, The Bad, And The Umami

This week, we got our first HelloFresh box. These food boxes seem to be a big trend lately, and because going to the grocery store with an infant is a very large pain in my ass, we decided to give it a try. I found a Groupon to get my first box for $30, plus I had a $10 off Groupon code, so I ended up getting my first box for $20. The box includes 3 meals per week, for 2 people (they also offer a family option with enough for four people, and a vegetarian option). That works out to only about $3.33 per person, per meal. That is such a good deal considering that I rarely, if ever, get out of the grocery store without spending $50 (sometimes just for one meal). I downloaded the app, chose our meals, and excitedly waited for delivery. After making and eating all of the meals from our first box, I’ve found that the whole system has some pros and cons. Trying to decide if HelloFresh is right for you? This should help.
Pro: The Meals Were DELICIOUS

Our box included Penne with a Kick in Pancetta-Tomato Arrabbiata Sauce, Lean Mean Chicken and Greens with Rosemary Potatoes and Gremolata, and Meatloaf Balsamico with Mashed Sweet Potato and Green Beans. Each meal was actually really good, and according to MyFitnessPal, fairly healthy. The produce was super fresh and the meat was high quality. They also send more than you need of some of the ingredients, which is nice. I used this week’s leftovers for this quick and easy soup recipe.

Lean Mean Chicken and Greens with Rosemary Potatoes and Gremolata. This was my favorite meal, but required the most prep. Shout out to Baby Daddy for photo cred this week. I was so excited to eat the meals, I forgot to take pictures first!

Con: Prep… So Much Prep

I have never done so much chopping in all of my life. If you aren’t handy with a knife, beware. You’ll need to brush up on your chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing skills. Even as someone who cooks often and is fairly skilled with a knife, I was over it. Be sure to check the prep required for each recipe before choosing what to put in your box.

Pro: No “I Don’t Know, Whatever You Want.”

The most spoken, most hated phrase, among married and long term relationship couples. Seriously, I would rather be punched in the forehead than hear this. The box cut down the options to a manageable three things to choose from.

Con: Picky Eaters Beware

Meatloaf Balsamico with Mashed Sweet Potato and Green Beans turned into Meatloaf Balsamico with (slightly burnt, bummer) Sweet Potato Fries and Green Beans (apparently mashed sweet potatoes are a “no” in our house). This was probably the most “picky eater friendly” of all of the meals. It was also my least favorite.

We are pretty adventurous eaters in our house, so HelloFresh really helped us mix up our weekly meals, without us having to worry about not liking what we got. The meals aren’t exactly your standard meat-and-potatoes type food, so if you have kids that freak out if their food has “thingies” in it, or if the word “Gremolata” freaks you out, this probably isn’t for you.

Pro: I Didn’t Have To Leave My House

Seriously, huge huge pro, here. This pro pretty much trumped all of the cons for us.

Con: The App Is Not The Most User Friendly

This may be a bug with only my phone, or I might be doing something wrong (I tend to be a little technology illiterate). I found several times that I would make a change on the app, then log into my account on the computer to find that the change hadn’t been saved. Ugh. At least I caught it before the box was shipped. I also found that some of the things on the app were hard to locate. Again, could be me. I miss flip phones.

Pro: Less Food Waste

Penne with a Kick in Pancetta-Tomato Arrabbiata Sauce. This was incredibly light and delicious. It also made just the perfect amount for the two of us.

For anyone who doesn’t like to eat leftovers, HelloFresh is a great option because they send enough to make two servings without much (or any) leftovers. I know we always say we are going to eat leftovers and I end up throwing the moldy remains away a week or so later. In general, cooking for only two people is hard, and HelloFresh makes it a lot easier.

Con: Lots Of Kitchen Equipment Needed

Do you own a zester? Several large, medium, and small bowls? How about a strainer? Large pan, medium pan, baking sheet, large pot, medium pot, cutting board, chef’s knife, paring knife, and grater? These are all things that I needed to make my first week of meals. If you don’t have a well stocked kitchen, you’ll either need to purchase these things, or HelloFresh isn’t for you. You can look at the prep for the recipes that you have chosen before your box arrives to ensure that you have all of the tools that you need.

Pro: You Can Try It For $20

You can use my code ASHLWILS4 to get $40 off your first box, so you can give it a try and see if you like it without spending the usual $60. You are free to cancel your subscription after the first box if it’s not for you, or if the usual $60 is a little more than you’d like to spend. Personally, $60 is less than I would usually spend on groceries anyway, so it ends up being a pretty good deal.


I’ll be sending out three FREE boxes! To enter for a chance to receive your first box completely free, comment on this post and subscribe to the email list! For an extra entry, you can share the post on Facebook or Pinterest (please include your social media name in the comment if you choose to share the post). Note: receiving the free box automatically enrolls you in a weekly subscription, so remember to cancel if you don’t want to continue your subscription!

Overall, we enjoyed our first box and plan to continue our subscription, at least for a while. The food is good, even if the prep sucks. Having it delivered to my door makes my week so much easier, and since it’s only 3 meals, we are still free to go out to eat or make something else we feel like having a couple times every week. It makes work nights a breeze, and all but eliminates the dreaded “I-Don’t-Know-Whatever-You-Want”. I recommend at least giving it a try. Canceling your subscription is easy and you can even keep your subscription but “skip” weeks if you are going to be out of town, have guests, don’t have the money, or just don’t feel like getting one. Don’t forget to use my code to get your first box for $20! Do you use HelloFresh and love it? Hate it? Do you use a different “food box”? Share in the comments!


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        1. Yes it’s certainly something I can continue using prep time isn’t bad and the food is delish. I have epilepsy and don’t drive anymore so delivery is perfect

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