Inside My Diaper Bag

I must have looked at nearly every diaper bag in existence trying to find the perfect one. All of them seemed to be too big, too small, too busy with ugly patterns, hard to get into, not enough pockets, too many pockets, you get it. Eventually I ended up just buying an extra large black tote bag from Target and ordering a bag organizer to put in it. It works great, it looks great, and it matches everything. In the beginning I had a tendency to over pack the diaper bag (seriously, it weighed more than the baby and the carrier combined). After figuring out what was getting used and what was collecting dust, I have been able to cut it down to a reasonable amount of baby paraphernalia.

  1. Diapers (duh.)
  2. Wipes (also duh.)
  3. Diaper rash cream
  4. Changing pad
  5. Burp rags
  6. Extra pacifier (they seem to disappear)
  7. Bottle and formula
  8. Water bottle
  9. 1-2 small teething toys/teething necklace
  10. Extra outfit (blowouts happen)
  11. Waterproof pouch (for the blowout clothes)
  12. Extra socks (these also disappear)
  13. Light blanket
  14. Heavier blanket (only necessary when it’s cold outside)
  15. Moby wrap
  16. Shopping cart/high chair cover
  17. Medicine bag with gas drops, tylenol, gripe water, saline drops, bandaids, and stickers (for emotional boo boos)
  18. My wallet/keys/phone (ain’t nobody got time for a purse)

Thats it! This organizer makes it really easy to keep everything accessible. The bag that I use is discontinued, but you can get a similar ones herehere, here, and here. You’ll want something big enough, but not so huge that it’s hard to carry. Look for something neutral, with sturdy sides and bottom, and straps long enough to go over your shoulder comfortably. My waterproof pouches are from The Royal Standard but are unfortunately discontinued. You can get another really cute option that comes in three different patterns here.


What else do you keep in your diaper bag? Share in the comments!


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