Amazon PrimePantry: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Box

Shop Amazon – Introducing Prime Pantry – Everyday Essentials in Everyday Sizes

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I’m seriously an Amazon addict. My lovely fiancé will tell you, we usually have at least one smiley-face box on our doorstep every single day (usually something weird, like a 6000 pack of coffee filters). One of my favorite Amazon features is PrimePantry. Prime members (seriously, the most worth-it membership you will ever buy) can fill a box with food, baby, paper and plastic, cleaning and other staples for a flat delivery fee of $5.99 with two day shipping. Thats right. Groceries. Shipped. To. Your. Door. It’s basically a busy Mama’s dream come true. On top of that, many of the items are listed for a better price than the grocery store. There is a program where if you buy five “qualifying items” you can get your shipping for free. If you shop for other items on Amazon frequently, you can choose “No-Rush” shipping, rather than the free Two-Day Prime shipping and get a $5.99 credit towards your PrimePantry box to cover the shipping. To recap, these are groceries shipped to your door, in two days, for cheaper than the grocery store prices, with the possibility of free shipping. Seriously, jackpot.

Make The Most Of Your Pantry Box

  1. Crushable Items– Pay attention to what type of items you are getting. You wouldn’t put a bag of potatoes on top of your loaf of bread in your grocery cart. The same principle applies here. Don’t get a box full of canned goods and one bag of chips and expect the chips not to be crushed. They will be. And the bag will bust and there will be chip crumbs everywhere. Everything will be greasy and you will cry. Mind the weight of your items.
  2. Box Percentage– Each item listed shows you exactly how much of your box is filled by the item. To get the most out of your box, chose items with packaging that doesn’t take up the majority of your box. For example, if one type of granola bars includes 5 bars and takes up 10% of your box, but another kind has 10 bars and takes up 5% of your box, you would want to choose the second one.
  3. Free Shipping Items– While the free shipping program is a great deal, be careful not to fall into temptation. Only buy free shipping qualifying items if you really need them. It doesn’t make sense to buy an $8 free shipping qualifying item that you don’t need to save $5.99 for shipping. I can almost always find something that I need in the list, but if not, I just bite the bullet and pay for the shipping.
  4. Price Per Item/Ounce– To easily determine which items are the best deals, check the price per item/ounce. If there is a listing for the same granola bars, but one is a pack of 5 for $1.50/item, and the other is a pack of 10 for $1.25/item, the pack of 10 is the better deal.
  5. Shop By Category– When I grocery shop in the store, I go down every aisle, whether I think I need something on it or not. This is kind of the same idea. Some of the best deals end up being items that I wasn’t originally searching for. Amazon changes the items listed fairly often, so if you can’t find the specific item that you are looking for, check the category that it would fall under. You might be able to find something similar for an even better price.
  6. Coupons– Thats right, on top of Amazon’s already low prices, they offer coupons on select items. Sometimes, coupons are good for up to 50% off.

Favorite PrimePantry Items





If you have never shopped PrimePantry before, I recommend taking the time to look through all that they have to offer carefully. My favorite items are a good place to start. If you already shop PrimePantry regularly, hopefully these tips can help you get more out of your box. What other items do you like to get in your pantry box? Share in the comments!


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Shop Amazon – Introducing Prime Pantry – Everyday Essentials in Everyday Sizes


  1. We love Amazon pantry! I tend to use it for the usual necessities like TP, paper towels, Kleenex, cleaners, and the like. Oh and you can get maple syrup on there way cheaper, too!

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