Baby’s First Easter Basket (From The Target Dollar Spot!)

Baby's First Easter Basket, filled with items from the Target Dollar Spot | via The Crispy Mama

Liam is still at that age where holidays, like Easter, don’t mean anything to him. He doesn’t know what’s going on, all he knows is there are a bunch of people around and they all want to hold him. He could really care less about Christmas presents or Easter baskets. Pretty much any holiday festivities are solely a formality and only for Mama and Dad’s benefit (hello, adorable holiday themed outfits). Because of all of this, it would be beyond silly for me to spend any more than a few bucks on an Easter basket for him. I thought, this sounds like a job for… The Target Dollar Spot (formally known as Heaven on Earth).

I absolutely cannot wait until the next Easter when we’ll be able to dye eggs, do an Easter Egg Hunt, tell him all about the Easter Bunny, and actually enjoy the things that are in his basket. I still have very distinct memories of my Easters as a little girl. My family and my sister’s best friend’s family would all spend our week off of school camping at the same campground, doing a big Easter Egg hunt with all of the other kids that were staying there, having a huge (and I mean huge) meal with everyone. I can’t wait to start making those memories all over again with my little Liam.

I am completely incapable of entering a Target store without thoroughly inspecting the Dollar Spot. It is a gift to all humans and I love it. This year’s Spring/Easter Dollar Spot items are pretty much all precious. From little pillows, to candle lanterns, to tiny buckets, to summer scarves, to wall decor, to ceramic bunnies, I was drooling in there. Luckily (for my bank account, anyways) Dad limited my time in there and dragged (I mean literally dragged) me away after a measly ten minutes. I did manage to snag the cutest Tassel Basket ($3), Stuffed Carrots ($3), Bunny Rattle ($3), and Chambray Bow Tie ($5). We can reuse the basket for a few years until he starts requiring larger items. The carrots and rattle are for him, and the bow tie is 100% for me (Ugh! So cute!). They also had some precious Sparkly Bunny Ears ($3) that would be perfect for little gals. I’ll probably throw in a banana and an avocado because those are his favorite foods. I plan to use some green tissue paper rather than Easter Grass because that stuff is the hardest thing to get rid of since glitter. I swear I’m still finding Easter Grass from when I was a kid. Who in the hell invented that stuff? I suspect Satan. I’ll be making another trip to The Spot this week in search of some cute stuff for our Baby’s First Easter Photo Shoot (post coming soon!). Hopefully, I can escape without going too overboard, but I won’t be holding my breath on that one. We also just got a brand new Dollar Store less than 1/4 of a mile from our house (yaaaasssss) so I’ll be scoping out the Easter stuff there too. Everyone wish me luck that I don’t go too crazy.

What did you get your kiddo for their First Easter? Share in the comments!


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  1. OH my goodness I LOVE the Target Dollar spot!!! This is actually going to be our youngest’s first Easter and I still haven’t decided what we should get her. She’s only 7 months so won’t really know what’s going on haha. We’re also moving that weekend, but I’m thinking we may stick with a stuffed animal.

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