Top 30 Easter Basket Ideas For Dad

In our house for Easter, Liam gets a basket, Mama gets a basket, Maw Maw gets a basket, Paw Paw gets a basket, Duke (yep, that’s the dog) gets a basket, and Dad gets a basket. No one gets left behind. 

It’s a well known fact that men are the worst to shop for. They either don’t want anything or they already bought themselves whatever they want. Ugh. I love getting baskets for everyone (just call me Oprah!) so I had to really sit down and brainstorm what I could get that Dad and Paw Paw would like, but that was also small enough to fit in a small basket. Need some help with your man’s basket?  Check this list out for some ideas. 

For The Car Lover

  1. Mini car cleaner sprays 
  2. Small microfiber towel 
  3. Car wash gift card 
  4. Car phone charger 
  5. Aux cord 

For The Drinker 

  1. Mini liquor bottles
  2. Shot glasses 
  3. Personalized flask 
  4. Whiskey stones 
  5. Small bottle of bitters 

For The Fasionable Guy

  1. Socks 
  2. Underwear 
  3. Hair pomade 
  4. Beard/mustache balm 
  5. Skincare products 

For The Chef

  1. Gourmet flavored popcorn
  2. Jerky 
  3. Chocolate truffles 
  4. Finishing salt 
  5. Seasoning blends 

For The Sports Fan

  1. Golf balls/baseballs/tennis balls 
  2. Sports team koozie
  3. Sunglasses 
  4. Sunglass strap 
  5. Golf tees 

For Any Guy

  1. Card game
  2. How-To book
  3. Movie 
  4. Magazines 
  5. Phone case 

Will you be putting together Easter baskets for the men in your life this year? Have some other ideas? Share in the comments! 


The Crispy Mama 

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