Multi-Tasking Meal: Banana Cinnamon Baby Oatmeal and Bananas Foster Mom Smoothie

Muti-Tasking Meal Banana Bread Baby Oatmeal & Bananas Foster Smoothie Recipe | via The Crispy Mama

Mornings with a little one are nothing short of hectic…ever. Wake up, eat, get dressed, get baby dressed, get barfed on, get dressed again, put baby’s shoes on, put baby’s shoes on again, and again, ohmygosh keep your damn shoes on, it’s been four hours, everyone is hungry again, baby is crying, you’re crying, someone help. Any way to streamline my morning routine is always very welcome. One simple way to do that is to whip up Mama and baby’s breakfast at the same time.

Smoothies make a great Mama breakfast. They’re quick to make, can be nutritious with the right ingredients, and are easy to take with you on the go. One of my all time favorite breakfast foods are Banana Nut Muffins. They are by far the king of the Muffin World. While those bad boys are delicious, they aren’t usually the most nutritious thing on the menu, especially the incredible ones at Starbucks or in the grocery store bakery. This smoothie recipe is almost as good as a muffin, with no added sugar, butter, or whatever else they put in those muffins to make them taste so damn good.

Note that these recipes contain bananas and oats, which some people may have a bad reaction to. If your little one hasn’t had bananas or oats yet, you’ll want to introduce them separately before trying them together. I always take Liam’s clothes off and leave him in just his diaper when trying new foods. Less clean up for me, and I can keep a close eye out for any reaction (ex. hives) that he may have to the food.

To make my own Baby Oatmeal, I get organic rolled oats, throw them in the blender, and pulse until it turns to a fine powder. Done. Piece of cake and cheaper than the pre-made stuff. Bananas are one of Liam’s favorites and he’ll eat pretty much anything mixed with them (seriously, he would probably eat Sweaty Gym Sock Banana Mash, no questions asked). He tends to have some tummy issues, so I worried that oats may be irritating, but they actually helped to get things moving through his digestive system. Anything that keeps his digestive system moving and doesn’t get spit back at me when I try to feed it to him is a hit in our book, and this recipe fits that bill.

Banana Cinnamon Baby Oatmeal


  • 1/2 banana
  • pinch cinnamon (less is more for sensitive little taste buds!)
  • 1 tbsp baby oatmeal (see above to make this yourself)
  • 2-3 tbsp water


Add baby oatmeal powder to water and stir well. Pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to thicken. Add to blender with banana and cinnamon and pulse until smooth. Check temperature on your wrist or lip before giving to baby.

Bananas Foster Smoothie


  • any leftover baby food
  • remaining 1/2 of banana
  • 1 cup soy, coconut, or almond milk
  • 3-4 pitted dates
  • 1/2 tsp dark brown sugar
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds


Blend it up, pour it in a cup, and try to chug it before your kid starts crying.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own!

Muti-Tasking Meal Banana Bread Baby Oatmeal & Bananas Foster Smoothie Recipe | via The Crispy Mama

How do you streamline your morning routine? Do you have a go-to on the go breakfast? Share in the comments!


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I Wish I Was As Thin As I Was The First Time That I Thought I Was Fat

Timehop sucks. You know that little thing that shows you those awful pictures from 2006 where you’re wearing a ridiculous outfit and blue eyeshadow? It’s the same thing that shows you the bikini picture from 2015 before you had a baby. Before you had stretch marks. Before your belly sagged a little bit over the waistband of your pants. Before your boobs got inflated and deflated again and now they almost touch your belly button. Before you had to suck it up and go buy the bigger pants. Before the bags under your eyes that persist no matter how much eye cream you apply. I look at this bikini picture and think back to the time when it was taken. Unfortunately enough, I guarantee you that, at the time that it was taken, I thought that I could stand to lose a few pounds. What I wouldn’t give just to be as thin as I was the first time that I thought I was fat. I look at the picture again and begin to list the things that I have now that I didn’t have then in my head.

  1. Stretch marks (on my thighs, hips, belly, boobs, probably other places that I can’t even see)
  2. Belly fat (though I would have begged to differ at the time)
  3. Saggy mom tits (hot)
  4. Under eye bags that make me look like a zombie (a zombie that could use a cup of coffee)
  5. My horrible chipped “Momicure” because who the hell has time to go to the nail salon anymore?
  6. Greasy hair because I didn’t have a baby that screamed at me every time I tried to take a shower
  7. Laugh lines on my face because I never smiled then as much as I do now.
  8. Badass biceps because carrying around my little chunk is a serious workout.
  9. An amazing man by my side, holding my hand.
  10. A beautiful, wonderful, precious, sweet, light of my life baby boy that has given me more purpose in life than I ever thought possible.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the things that totally don’t matter, sometimes. I would willingly take on take a million more stretch marks and 20 more pounds just to see the big goofy toothless smile that my son gives me every time that he wakes up in the morning. Sometimes when I see these old pictures, I tell my fiancé how sad and ugly that they make me feel. Every time, he looks at me like I’m crazy and I have three heads. He claims that he doesn’t even see the stretch marks that I’m talking about. I suspect that he is lying, but I love him even more for it. He reminds me that I made a human. That’s no easy feat, and there are bound to be some scars left over. It took me almost a year to gain this weight. It will probably take just as long, or longer, to lose it. The eye bags and wrinkles will never go away, but I’ll continue to apply the expensive skin serum and hope for the best. The point is, a million flat stomachs and full nights of sleep wouldn’t be worth giving up the ultimate happiness that I have found with my sweet boy. I could always do better when it comes to remembering that. In the meantime, I’m going to delete Timehop because it’s the devil.

Do you struggle with body confidence after having kids? Share something that makes you feel beautiful in the comments!

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Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need

Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy Mama “Maternity” is a lot like “wedding.” Slap that word in front of anything, and just like magic, it instantly doubles in price. When your pants start getting tight and you start spilling out of your bras it can be tempting to go out and drain your checking account on a whole new pregnancy wardrobe. Pause! There are so many “maternity” items that are exactly the same as regular items at double the price. I started showing unreasonably early (we’re talking full on bump at 8 weeks, here), so I learned how to make do with what I had for a while, and ended up doing that for most of my pregnancy. Most of my non-maternity leggings and a lot of my shirts were still comfortable until the third trimester. Honestly, in the third trimester, nothing is comfortable. So what should you buy “maternity” and what can you skip?

Splurge On Maternity

  1. Jeans- There is no way around this really. Unless you are the tiniest pregnant lady of all time, regular jeans will not be comfortable. The waistband will cut into your belly and it will be uncomfortable and could cut off circulation, which isn’t ideal for you or for baby. Invest in a versatile pair, in a dark color, in a cut that you normally wear. Unfortunately, I promise once you slip those stretchy preggo pants on, you’ll never want to wear regular pants again. (I still wear mine sometimes…Shhhhhhhh.)
  2. Shorts- If you are unlucky enough to be pregnant all summer like I was, you’ll need some shorts. I ended up getting a denim pair, a black pair, and a white pair. Looking back, I could have done without the white ones and the black ones. I mostly wore the denim ones every day and really only wore the other ones when the denim ones were in the wash.
  3. Bras- When I say buy maternity bras, what I actually mean is, go ahead and buy nursing bras. That way you only have to buy one new set of bras instead of two. I chose to get sports bra-style ones in a nude color that I knew would still work when I was breastfeeding and looked like Dolly Parton. Stretch is key. For me, anything with an underwire was out. They actually left bruises on the top of my belly. If you’re “carrying high” (though, if we’re being honest, towards the end your going to be “carrying everywhere”) you’ll probably have the same issue. Seriously, you’re uncomfortable enough as it is, go for comfort in the bra department. Not exactly sexy, but who cares?
  4. Leggings- One pair, just because they are the most comfortable and around the third trimester, your regular ones will probably start to get a bit tight. I still wear mine, I just fold the band down. No shame.
  5. T-shirts- Go ahead and get a couple of the t-shirts or tank tops with the little ruchey things on the sides. They are usually pretty cheap and are more flattering than regular ones. Especially during the “is she pregnant or just eating good?” phase.
  6. Swimwear- This can go both ways. If you are comfortable in a bikini, a regular one will work just fine. I suggest bottoms that tie on the sides, so they can be adjusted. If you would rather a one piece, a maternity option is probably a better bet.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own!

What To Skip

  1. Underwear- Seriously, why? Your regular underwear is fine. Buy some cotton granny ones in a dark color for after delivery.
  2. Maxi Dresses- Almost all of these are cut in a way that flatters a bump. Go for stretchy ones that will grow with you.
  3. Pajamas- ??? Why do these even exist? Regular pajama pants will still fit beautifully throughout pregnancy and postpartum. You’ll probably be too hot to sleep in pajamas anyways, because oh my god is it one thousand degrees in here?
  4. Loose Tops- First, if you’re pregnant during the summer, I’m sorry. Second, loose fitting non-maternity tops will totally work. You may just need to go up a size.
  5. Active Wear- Most active wear is already pretty stretchy and forgiving. You may need to go up a size, but normal active wear is totally doable.
  6. Stretchy Soft Pants- Since they stretch, they’ll work. Plus, this style of pants comes in a lot of fun colors and patterns. Now is the time to try the trends that you were scared to try before. You know, because you’re pregnant, so anyone who tells you that your outfit look bad is automatically the asshole, not you. Win!

Where To Shop 

Unless you’ve got money to blow, avoid the big “maternity department stores” at all costs. Everything in there is outrageously priced. Most of my maternity wardrobe came from Old Navy, Macy’s,  Amazon, and Target. All stores with cute options that are notorious for good deals.

Tricks To Make Your Regular Wardrobe Work

  1. Mini dresses are now tops.
  2. The rubber band trick. Loop a rubber band or ponytail holder through the button hole of your pants or shorts and around the button. That should buy you a few more weeks of regular-pants-wearing.
  3. Your favorite maxis or loose tops may make you look like a sack of potatoes now. Throw a belt on over or under your bump to accentuate it and to confirm to the curious strangers that yes, you are pregnant, not just mysteriously lumpy.
  4. Wear jewelry. It will help you mix up the limited wardrobe that you have. Also, once you pop that baby out, you won’t want to wear jewelry for a while unless you want it yanked on.
  5. Wear adjustable shoes. Your feet will probably swell, so sandals with buckles that can be loosened will be necessary.
  6. Add a cardigan or denim jacket. If the outfit just seems like it’s missing something, it’s probably one of these two things.
  7. If your wedding/engagement ring no longer fits due to those lovely swollen fingers, but you don’t want to take it off, you can put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace. Make sure it’s a sturdy chain with a good clasp so it doesn’t fall off.
  8. If you have a friend/friends that have kids and are a similar size to you, ask if they still have their maternity clothes and if you can borrow them. Free is always the best option.

Easy Outfit Ideas

Maternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy Mama
Maternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy Mama
Maternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy MamaMaternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy MamaMaternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy MamaMaternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy MamaMaternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy MamaMaternity Outfit Idea | Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need and What To Skip | via The Crispy Mama

What maternity clothes did you invest it? Which ones do you still wear after baby (be honest, ladies)? Where did you like to shop? Share in the comments!


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Mom Hack: The Leftover Baby Food Smoothie

Us Mamas pretty much live on a diet of cold coffee and our kid’s leftovers. Incredibly appetizing, right? When I make Liam’s baby food, I always taste it first. Today, as I was whipping up his Avocado-Banana-Cinnamon mash, I took a bite and thought, “Damn, this stuff is pretty good.” As usual, he ate about 1/3 of it before he was over it and ready to get out of his chair and go play. Since avocados and bananas don’t keep particularly well (especially organic bananas, I swear they turn brown in 15 seconds), I either had to eat the leftovers or throw them away. I decided to throw the leftover mash, the remaining half of the avocado, what was left of the banana, some ice cubes, chia seeds, soy milk and some more cinnamon into the blender and this super fresh tasting Mom Hack Smoothie was born. You get a dose or healthy fats from avocado to help keep you full, protein and antioxidants from chia seeds, calcium from soy milk, and potassium from bananas. Plus its way easier to drink a smoothie one handed while holding a baby than it is to eat something. If soy isn’t your thing, you could easily sub almond or coconut milk (I think coconut would be amazing in this). You could also add some greens like spinach or kale for an extra serving of veggies.


  • Leftover Avocado-Banana-Cinnamon baby food (yum)
  • Remaining half of avocado
  • Remaining half of banana
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 cup unsweetened soy milk
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 3-4 ice cubes

Throw it all in the blender and call it lunch.

Do you have any other creative ways to use your kid’s leftovers? Share in the comments!


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Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own!


Inside My Diaper Bag

I must have looked at nearly every diaper bag in existence trying to find the perfect one. All of them seemed to be too big, too small, too busy with ugly patterns, hard to get into, not enough pockets, too many pockets, you get it. Eventually I ended up just buying an extra large black tote bag from Target and ordering a bag organizer to put in it. It works great, it looks great, and it matches everything. In the beginning I had a tendency to over pack the diaper bag (seriously, it weighed more than the baby and the carrier combined). After figuring out what was getting used and what was collecting dust, I have been able to cut it down to a reasonable amount of baby paraphernalia.

  1. Diapers (duh.)
  2. Wipes (also duh.)
  3. Diaper rash cream
  4. Changing pad
  5. Burp rags
  6. Extra pacifier (they seem to disappear)
  7. Bottle and formula
  8. Water bottle
  9. 1-2 small teething toys/teething necklace
  10. Extra outfit (blowouts happen)
  11. Waterproof pouch (for the blowout clothes)
  12. Extra socks (these also disappear)
  13. Light blanket
  14. Heavier blanket (only necessary when it’s cold outside)
  15. Moby wrap
  16. Shopping cart/high chair cover
  17. Medicine bag with gas drops, tylenol, gripe water, saline drops, bandaids, and stickers (for emotional boo boos)
  18. My wallet/keys/phone (ain’t nobody got time for a purse)

Thats it! This organizer makes it really easy to keep everything accessible. The bag that I use is discontinued, but you can get a similar ones herehere, here, and here. You’ll want something big enough, but not so huge that it’s hard to carry. Look for something neutral, with sturdy sides and bottom, and straps long enough to go over your shoulder comfortably. My waterproof pouches are from The Royal Standard but are unfortunately discontinued. You can get another really cute option that comes in three different patterns here.


What else do you keep in your diaper bag? Share in the comments!


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Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own!

My Must-Have Apps For Pregnancy and Parenthood

Hi! Admitted iPhone addict here! As a first time mom, I constantly have little questions and I-wonders about my child and myself. There is no more easy, and accessible way to find the information that I need than a quick check on my phone. These are the apps that I used most during my pregnancy and as a parent.

  1. Ovia Fertility– This is what I used when we were trying to conceive (which happened way faster than we expected it to, so I suppose it’s pretty accurate).
  2. Ovia Pregnancy– My go-to app for looking up food and medication safety, and symptom checking. It also has that thing where it compares your unborn child to different fruits and vegetables, so that’s cute, I guess.
  3. Ovia Baby-Helps keep track of milestones and development. Plus it has interesting little articles and fun facts. I like to check it while kiddo naps.
  4. What To Expect– This falls under “pregnancy” and “parenting” because I still check it almost daily. It has interesting little facts and articles about your baby, both before and after birth. My favorite thing about it though, is the Groups. I joined an “October 2016 Babies” Group that is awesome. During pregnancy it was great to ask about certain symptoms or feelings that I was experiencing. Now, the Mamas in the group all have babies close to the same age, but with some a few weeks older and some a few weeks younger than mine. This is incredibly helpful because the Mamas of older babies can help me out and warn me about growth spurts, leaps, etc, a little before they happen and I can do the same for the Mamas of younger babes.
  5. Pampers Rewards– You’ll most likely start stocking up on diapers before baby arrives. Each box of diapers (assuming that you use Pampers) has a code in it that you can enter into the app to earn rewards points towards free baby stuff. Awesome.
  6. Amazon– Also known as the best app in general. Amazon is THE place to buy your diapers. You can get them as much as 50% off, and you can subscribe. I also ordered about 80% of my nursery stuff from Amazon. Its the best.
  7. The Wonder Weeks– If the phrase “mental leap” means nothing to you, download this now. It, unfortunately, isn’t free, but I cannot emphasize how helpful it has been to us. Basically, your baby will go through some periods where they are learning a whole lot all at once and it makes them act like little nightmares. This app lets you know exactly when to expect these leaps and tells you exactly what baby is learning. Leaps suck, but knowing what baby is learning and actually noticing them mastering these skills makes it a little better.
  8. White Noise– Great for helping baby sleep, great for helping giant uncomfortable pregnant ladies sleep, great for The 5 S’s. Just great. Our favorite is “Heavy Rain Pouring” but there are a ton on here to choose from.
  9. BabyTime– For the first couple weeks after bringing baby home, your brain will be fried. This helps you keep track of when baby last ate, how much or how long, how many wet and dirty diapers your baby has, and what those diapers look like (your pediatrician will ask).
  10. Facebook– Some of my best advice from other Mamas has come from the closed Facebook groups that I have joined. I suggest Milky Mommas, Sleepy Littles, Bringing Up The Littles, COSLEEPING, and Peaceful Parenting. All of the groups have no-bullying tolerance and have guidelines about what types of things that can be posted, so be relevant and be nice! Since they are closed groups, your friends will only be able to see that you are in the groups, not what you post.

What apps were a lifesaver for you while you were pregnant and as a parent? Share in the comments!


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No, You Are Not Going Bald! Things No One Tells You About Postpartum Life

The majority of the time, when you tell someone that you’re expecting, their response is something along the lines of, “Congratulations! Your life is about to change so much”. And that’s where they stop! Everyone loves to warn you about these “big changes” to come, but no one ever tells you what they actually are! Fast forward to a few days after you bring your little one home and suddenly you’ll know what they meant. You’ll wish that someone, anyone, had given you a better idea of what was about to happen to your mind, your body, your home, your relationships, to help you prepare yourself. These are the things that I wish someone would have told me and a few quick tips on how to make the postpartum transition as easy as possible.

Your Hair Will Fall Out

This can be really scary if you’re not prepared for it. I remember brushing my hair after getting out of my weekly shower (Ha! Once a week, whether you need it or not, ladies!) to find that my hair was coming out at a really alarming rate. We’re talking cleaning the hair brush out every day type stuff here. I did what we all do when confronted with some kind of mysterious bodily symptom; I consulted Google. Turns out this is completely normal and it happens to almost everyone. And yet no one had ever thought to mention this to me! It happens because your hair falls out at a slower rate while you’re pregnant, so it plays a cruel game of catch up after. Ugh! The good news is, you should be back to your normal, luscious self by the time your little one is 6 months to one year old. In the meantime, you can keep taking your prenatal vitamins, limit excessive hair washing and heat styling (which we all know you’ll be doing anyways, whether you like it or not), try to tie hair up loosely when you do need to put it up (consider a loose braid, ponytail, or bun and use soft ponytail holders or oh-so-fashionable scrunchies), and use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. For my dark haired Mamas, my go-to dry shampoo can also help. Its tinted so it gives the appearance of thicker hair at the roots. Its super affordable and doesn’t smell nearly as strong as some of the other dry shampoos that I have tried. You can buy it here. Long haired Mamas beware, your hairs can get wrapped around little one’s fingers and toes and it hurts. If your babe seems to be crying for no reason, make sure that isn’t what is causing it.


Sometimes it can really feel like my hair looks just like his.

You Will Cry For No Reason

When I went into my OBGYN for my 6 week postpartum check up, she asked me, “How has your mood been?” I thought for a second, and told her it hadn’t been terrible but at least once a day I was finding myself crying for absolutely NO reason. Her response was, “Um… Yeah! Thats because the first couple weeks SUCK!” And she’s right. Everyone tells you about how you’ll have so much love for this new little person, and you will, but the first couple weeks are really really hard. This will easily be the most exhausted, scared, and overwhelmed that you will ever be. You are sent home with this little person that cries seemingly nonstop and has so many needs that have to be met, but you will have no idea what you’re doing. Frankly, I’d be more worried if you didn’t cry. Recognize that these feelings are most likely normal. Use your partner, your friends, or your family to lean on for all of the support that you need. All of that being said, postpartum depression (PPD) is very real and very common. If you suspect that what you’re feeling is more than just being a little overwhelmed, you should absolutely contact your doctor immediately. There are treatments that are safe, even for breastfeeding Mamas. PPD is a biological condition. It does not mean that you are weak or that you do not love your child. It can happen to anyone and getting the help that you need makes you my personal hero.

 You Will Be Terrified To Go To The Bathroom

You literally just had a human being exit your body. If you aren’t afraid to go to the bathroom after that, you’re a much braver woman than I am. You’ll most likely be taking a lot of pain medication that can make it especially hard to go to the bathroom, making matters even worse. Throw in some stitches if you had any tearing during delivery and you’ve got something straight out of your worst nightmare. I suggest buying stool softeners before you deliver so you’ll have them handy when you get home. Take the highest possible dose. You’ll be glad you did.

You Will Most Likely Still Look Pregnant

“Aw! When are you due?” asks the evil woman in line behind you at the drug store. “Two months ago! Thanks,” you reply. This is an actual conversation from my actual life that I actually had. For a while after delivery, you’ll still have lots of fluid in your body, your organs will still be all rearranged, and you will have some baby weight. You should! To maintain a healthy pregnancy, you have to gain some amount of weight to make sure that you and baby are getting all of the nutrients that you need. It took you 9 to 10 months to put on this weight. It will very likely take you just as long, if not longer (seriously, who has time to work out?) to lose it. You may never lose it. That is also okay. Rest assured that even if you don’t lose any weight immediately (or ever), you will absolutely not look pregnant for the rest of your life. In the meantime, give that evil drug store lady a mental middle finger and go home and snuggle your sweet baby up against your soft, squishy belly.

You Will Bleed… For Longer Than You Expect

Obviously, some amount of bleeding is expected, but no one tells you just how much. Especially for breastfeeding Mamas, constant or off-and-on bleeding can be expected for up to two months. It will eventually get less and less heavy, but it will still be there. They will give you these weird mesh underwear in the hospital and show you how to put not one, but two maxi pads in them. Lovely. My number one advice to you is to swallow your pride and buy some adult diapers to bring with you to the hospital. It sounds silly and unnecessary, but I promise you it is so much more comfortable. All of the nurses will be very impressed with how wise you were to have that kind of forethought. I know getting praise for buying adult diapers to bring to the hospital just sound like a dream come true. So glamourous. You’ll only need to use these for a few days and after that is when the oh-so-sexy mesh underwear and maxi pads will come in handy. Seriously though, buy them here. You’ll be glad you did.

You May Not Bond With Baby Immediately

The little person that you’ve been so anxiously waiting for all this time is finally here. You’re supposed to feel this immediate, incredible bond like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, right? For some people this absolutely happens, and thats wonderful. For some people it does not, and that is absolutely okay. Sure you love them, but you just met this little one. Not feeling that “bond like no other” that people love to talk about right away does not make you a bad parent. It does not mean that you don’t love your child. You two just need a little time to figure each other out. Eventually, it will happen and you’ll finally see what all the hype was about.

Your Super Pregnant Lady Sense Of Smell Will Still Be There

Tell your partner that you’re sorry, but that burger with onions is still off the menu unless they want to eat it outside. I’m kind of convinced that this never really goes away. Which is lovely since dirty baby diapers and spit up absolutely smell like roses. Gag.

You Will Have Contractions While Breastfeeding

Yeah. Just like the ones you had during labor. These contractions are to help move all of your guts and organs back to where they belong. It hurts. If you’re miserable, don’t be a martyr. Take the pain medicine. You’ve already got enough on your plate.

Your Home Will Be A Wreck

Whatever. This is so low on the priority list. You’ll tell yourself before that you’ll never be one of those people who lets your children destroy your lovely home. But they will.Invest in some attractive storage baskets to corral all of your various baby supplies in. I have these and these.  I suggest buying a large pack of paper plates, bowls, and cutlery beforehand because you’ll probably rather be dead than wash a dish. Almost 4 months PP and I’m still using paper plates whenever possible. It doesn’t make you lazy, it just means that you think that time spent bonding with your little one is more important that doing the dishes. If you’re feeling especially proactive, you can subscribe to paper plates, bowls, and cutlery on Amazon. Again, you’ll be glad you did. #SubscribeAndSaveIsLife

People Will Want To Visit. You Will Not Be Interested.

The worst offenders here tend to be people without children, or people with grown adult children. They either don’t know or have forgotten how tough and tiring those first few weeks can be. Do not be afraid to say no! They’ll most likely understand. If they don’t, they’re the one with a problem, not you. Or better yet, tell them they can come by if they pick up those few things you needed from the grocery store first (or whatever other errand or chore you really need help with). Tell them ahead of time that they can come visit for whatever amount of time you’re comfortable with and then they’ll have to go so you can put baby down for a nap, feed baby, insert whatever other excuse you deem appropriate here. Don’t worry about cleaning your house first. Don’t worry about getting all dolled up. They’re not there to look at you or assess your housekeeping skills. They’re there to see the baby.

Did you experience anything postpartum that you were totally unprepared for? Share in the comments!


The Crispy Mama

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own!