Top 3 On-The-Go Feeding Tips Featuring Yummy Spoon 

Top three on the go baby feeding tips | the only baby feeding tool that you need | baby essentials | The Crispy Mama

Top three on the go baby feeding tips | the only baby feeding tool that you need | baby essentials | The Crispy MamaAnyone else’s diaper bag weigh more than their kid? (Hand-Raise!) Seriously, why do the smallest people require the most stuff?! With all of the junk that we have to carry around for our little ones, the last thing I want to do is lug around baby food containers, in a cooler, with spoons and bibs, and on and on and on. Then there’s nowhere to warm it up, and that temperamental little thing doesn’t like cold food today. He needs room temperature food today or he’ll lose it. Then he gets carrots everywhere, right before you have to go to a play date, and you know that other mom is secretly judging you. Ughhh, she probably thinks I never do laundry or bathe my child. Seriously, feeding babies on-the-go can be a pain in my big fat mom ass. Liam has gotten to that phase where he gets jealous when we’re eating and he’s not, so simply giving him a bottle and skipping the food isn’t always an option. I’m glad he’s so interested in food. I want him to be an adventurous eater, but sometimes pulling out and setting up all of the baby feeding paraphernalia is a real hassle. BUT! That being said, I’ve found a few simple things that make it easier.

Top 3 On-The-Go Baby Feeding Tips

  1. Light/Neutral Colored Foods! What do you think is going to show up more on your kiddo’s white shirt? A banana or carrots and spinach? (Why the hell did I put this white shirt on him today?!) Bingo! Go for the bananas, apples, pears, potatoes, you get the idea. Luckily, these turn out to be some of Liam’s favorite foods and seem to be baby crowd pleasers in general. Speaking of clothes…
  2. Patterened Shirts For Mom! Same idea here. That big ol baby food stain from when your kiddo raspberry’s a big mouthful at you is way less likely to be noticed on a patterned shirt than a pristine white blouse. Seriously, just shove all of your white shirts into the back of your closet until your kids can feed themselves.
  3. Yummy Spoon! Yummy Spoon is seriously one of the coolest baby gadgets that I’ve found. It has won Baby Product of the Year over lots of products from much bigger companies. It’s patent pending. It’s awesome. The whole thing is made of soft silicone, so all you do is open the top, toss in something soft, like a banana, squish it up, and the mashed food comes out of the spoon tip at the bottom. Seriously, brilliant. It has a handy-dandy clip to attach it to your diaper bag. It’s also super simple to clean. Just open the top, run some kid safe soap and water through it, rinse, dry, and you’re done. The spoon tip is softer than the baby spoons that we normally use, which I like. When Liam is sitting in my lap, his own chair, etc, I prefer the softer spoon so that he can’t gag himself with it while he’s wiggling around. As he gets older, I’ll be able to put bananas, avocados, peanut butter, whatever in the spoon and give it to Liam to feed himself.

What do you think of the Yummy Spoon? Check them out here.


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Top three on the go baby feeding tips | the only baby feeding tool that you need | baby essentials | The Crispy Mama


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